Matthew O'Donnell

Celtic Folk, American Roots, Jazz & Pop Music

MUsical memories for seniors & friends

Live music is perhaps the most cherished tradition in the world, but not everyone has the lifestyle or ability to visit the clubs and concert halls where the best music is being played. Everyone deserves the opportunity to take in a great show, and for many senior citizens, that means the show must come to them.

Matthew has years of experience serving the Richmond, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Fredericksburg, Tri-Cities and D.C. metro areas with excellent and engaging performances for seniors. Matthew has crafted a unique act over hundreds of shows at dozens of communities for thousands of audience members.  He brings a fresh and diverse program of songs, stories and tunes, filled with familiar favorites and exotic-yet-accessible musical selections to make each visit an exciting new experience for all to look forward to.

Shows feature songs and tunes performed on Matthew's signature instruments, the accordion, banjo and fiddle, as well as ukulele, guitar and various other folk instruments.


Each show features a mix of musical styles, including:

  • Folk songs

  • Jazz standards

  • Ballads

  • Tin Pan Alley songs

  • Country/Western and Bluegrass songs

  • Irish/Scottish songs

  • Doo-Wop/Motown favorites

  • Rock n' Roll numbers

  • Sea Shanties

  • Old-time and Irish fiddling

  • Italian songs

  • Italian waltzes

  • German/Oom-Pah songs

  • Polkas

  • Holiday songs & tunes

  • Patriotic songs & tunes


Matthew seeks to form lasting partnerships with communities who value great entertainment. That's why he offers a free 30-minute show to new customers, no strings attached. Let Matthew introduce himself to your community completely free of charge. See the bottom of the page for details.


Watch the videos below to hear more of Matthew!

Great senior entertainment is simply great entertainment. I want to put on a performance everyone would want to go to, and bring it to those who need a good show the most.
— Matthew O'Donnell


1 hour performance:

  • $100 (with calendar-year monthly booking)

  • $110 (with calendar-year bi-monthly booking)

  • $120 (single performance)

30-minute performance:

  • $80 (with calendar-year monthly booking)

  • $90 (with calendar-year bi-monthly booking)

  • $100 (single performance)

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